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Conquer Calisthenics

The CC system (beginner version)

The CC system (beginner version)

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This program is designed to increase your strength in the fundamentals of calisthenics.

It is focused on building a strong foundation in the basics before you go into harder skills or weighted calisthenics.

No matter if you can do 5 pullups or struggling to get your first pushup. It'll take you from ZERO to HERO.

The plan includes:

  • A step-by-step guide to achieving 15 pullups, 25 dips and 40 pushups
  • Muscle up guide
  • Handstand guide
  • L-sit guide
  • Form demonstration with voiceovers explaining the correct execution of each exercise.
  • Routines which are divided into phases depending on your level.
  • How to progressively overload each exercise efficiently.
  • Mistakes to avoid to develop good habits early on.

Equipment required:

Access to a pullup bar & dip bars 

Resistance bands

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