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Conquer Calisthenics

The Streetlifting & Weightlifting CC System

The Streetlifting & Weightlifting CC System

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This is a 6-day training plan aimed at individuals seeking the highest amount of both strength & muscular development.


The plan mixes both streetlifting/weighted calisthenics (weighted pullups & dips) and lifting weights in order to efficiently build strength & muscle.


It is focused on increasing repetitions and weight in compound movements in as little time as possible for you to acquire superhuman strength which translates fantastically into calisthenics, and lifting weights in general.
The methods used are ones that no one speaks about and that I have been using to turn my weaknesses into strengths even at a more advanced level. With these secret methods, I've been able to achieve the following feats:
+130kg dip
+90kg chinup
170kg bench press
110kg overhead press


Gym membership

 So if you're serious about making insane strength gains, then this plan is definitely for you.

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