The skinny kid you see above is what I looked like for years before I transformed my physique & built elite level strength.

Through continuous trial & error, I have acquired top-tier knowledge and developed the Conquer Calisthenics system.

The CC system is the exact blueprint I used to achieve elite level feats of strength such as:

  • 20 strict muscle ups
  • Planche pushups for reps
  • +130kg weighted dip
  • +90kg weighted pullup

All while being a tall, heavyweight athlete at 193cm & 95kg.

The CC system has transformed thousands of people and is designed to make you a calisthenics pro no matter your starting point.

I am determined to help you achieve such results.

What is the Conquer Calisthenics plan?

The Conquer Calisthenics plan is a step-by-step system to acquire superhuman feats of strength.

No matter your age, weight or training experience, the CC system will steer you in the right direction to achieve the skills of a gymnast, strength of a strongman, and the physique of a bodybuilder.

It is a comprehensive guide for everyone to go from ZERO to HERO!

Get the CC system!

Side effects of following the CC system

✅ Learn and master 10+ calisthenics skills

✅ Build a Greek God physique

✅ Casually catch people's eyes as you train

✅ Become a complete & respected athlete

Get the CC system!

What you're about to discover

💪 Step-by-step method to conquer the basics (pullups, pushups & dips) from 0 to complete mastery.

💪 Full comprehensive guide for all the calisthenics skills including planche, front lever, handstand pushup, one arm pull-up and more...

💪 Proven system to get ridiculously strong in weighted calisthenics & lifting weights to boost calisthenics progress.

💪 Secret training methods to 10x your progress and break through any plateau.

💪 Top 10 mistakes people make in their training that hinder progress.

💪 Video demonstrations for all sections including Mastering the Basics, Skills Guide, and Weighted Calisthenics

What makes the CC system different to other plans?

The CC system isn't just a workout routine but real knowledge with detailed videos featuring voiceovers explaining every single exercise, their correct execution, mistakes to avoid and much more.

The methodology and mindset in it lasts a lifetime. I still use it myself to this day, over 7 years later and I still haven't plateaued.

The CC system equips you with comprehensive knowledge to master calisthenics skills, become strong in the gym, and foster well-rounded athleticism. This all-encompassing training plan consolidates everything you need.

While the value is equivalent to hundreds of dollars, my goal is to empower individuals to access high-quality information without wasting years, risking injuries, or becoming disheartened. Therefore, I am offering this valuable resource at an affordable price of just $49!

Gain access now!

If you want to build a Spartan physique, defy gravity and become a beast, I'm here to help you.

I've gathered all the information I have acquired in my 7 years of training experience into the eBook below, with routines & tips to help you become the strongest version of yourself.

Frequently asked questions

How long do I have access to the CC system?

Even if you cancel, you still have lifetime access to the plan. You just lose access to the private community and my personal coaching.

Does the CC system guarantee results?

If you follow the system properly, stay consistent, push yourself in the sets, and take everything seriously. You will see phenomenal results!

Many students of all ages are seeing insane results achieving their dream skills and transforming their body!💪

How long until I see results?

It depends on the individual and training experience, however you will see progress in your strength within 2 weeks and start noticing changes in your physique within 4-8 weeks provided you follow the nutrition advice section of the CC system properly!

To achieve outstanding skills, reach impressive weights in weighted calisthenics & lifting weights, it will take less than 6 months before you're a calisthenics pro!

What if I don't make any progress?

The CC system is a proven process to ensure fast progress for everyone regardless of age, gender or weight.

However, in the case that you do not make progress, you can contact me on or send a DM through Instagram and I will help you figure out the problem, if all else fails, a refund will be issued.

Is the CC system for me?

The CC system is designed for everyone. Even if you can't do a single pushup. The guide covers everything from mastering the basics to achieving the most elite level strength.

If you are someone who wants to achieve a lot in this sport and are serious about your training, then this is undoubtedly the best path to take.

How will I receive access to the CC system?

You will receive a PDF file in your email inbox within a few minutes.

  • Kevin

    Kevin started on the heavier end and after following the CC system & nutrition section, managed to lose almost 30lbs and progressed very well from 0 pull-ups to repping them like nothing. Just goes to show it doesn't matter whether you're skinny or overweight, anyone can make a change!

  • Himanshu

    In a matter of months, Himanshu went from being unable to do a proper handstand to repping handstand pushups for 5 reps as well as muscle ups for 5 reps.