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Conquer Calisthenics

The Conquer Calisthenics System eBook

The Conquer Calisthenics System eBook

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Everything you need to know to go from ZERO to HERO in Calisthenics & Gym

  • How to master the basics (15 pullups, 25 dips, 40 pushups which is required before adding weight)
  • Best progressive overload methods for weighted calisthenics & weight training)
  • Best gym exercises that compliment calisthenics in order to reach superhuman strength.
  • Full Calisthenics Skills Guide (Muscle up, Handstand, Planche, Human Flag & many more)
  • Example workout routines for all the skills as well as tips
  • Explanation of each exercise with goals to hit before moving on
  • Workout splits based on goals (skills, weighted or basics)
  • Full example workout routine
  • Diet tips & advice
  • 10 training mistakes to avoid
  • Much more valuable information that will last a lifetime.


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Parallettes (optional)

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